My first quick fire 500 word story….



Robert sat on the dock wall with his feet hanging over the
edge, not quite reaching the water. The sun was setting and the air was warm.
This was the place he loved most of all… it was where he came to dream, to sort
out his problems and to plan his life.  It was a wonderful place, he had been coming
here since he was a boy; his father used to bring him and his little brother to
go fishing. They would never catch much but had such lovely carefree days and
grew so close because of it. He missed those days, his brother was in the Army
now and his father had died m any years previously, since then life had never
been quite the same, there was no-one to laugh and joke with in the way the
three of them did together!

He came here today to decide what his next move was in life,
did he stay here or wander further afield, there was nothing keeping him here
anymore as he and his girlfriend had parted ways a few weeks ago as she thought
him too staid and set in his ways. While he knew this to be true he loved it
here. He loved the feel of the hot deck underneath him as he sat looking out to
sea and the breeze on his face, the smell of the sea captivated him as soon as he
smelt it, it brought him back here immediately! The vast blue skies of summer
morning littered with altocumulus clouds giving way to the towering
cumulonimbus clouds bringing thunderstorms to clear the air, Roberts father
taught him all the could formations. He was a fisherman by trade when he was
young and needed to foretell the weather so he taught his sons too, Matt hadn’t
really taken it all in but Robert had, he loved to know what the sky was up to.
When he spotted anvil clouds he got very excited because he knew a thunderstorm
was on the way and usually a massive one! His dad told him that Nasa won’t
launch if there are anvil clouds because of the likelihood of lightning
damaging the space craft. He knew all these facts because his dad had turned
him into a bit of a geek but he loved it!

He also loved to surf and scuba dive, the sea was part of
him and nothing and no-one would ever be able to change that, sitting on the
dock he knew he would never leave, how could he? He had salt water running
through his veins and the weather tough skin on his face of someone who spent a
lot of time on, in or near the sea. The sea called to him like a siren, he
loved her, longed for her when he was away from her, adored her smell and
sensuous waves that curled around his toes as they dipped in the sand, how
could he leave her?


Copyright © 2011 Diana Shepherd. All Rights Reserved.

Hello world!


This is my first blog and really the first time I have put any of my writing “out there” as it were! It’s a scary thing to expose the inner workings of your mind, like prostituting your soul! Be gentle….